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Two Great Sets

The Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown is a very alternative, Wonderland-esque bar and music club. We love the atmosphere and the decorations, but the best part is always the live bands that perform. On Saturday night, we experienced Phox and […]

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Anything Goes. On Pizza.

Saturday night’s adventures brought us down to Minneapolis’ University neighborhood. With it’s youthful, college vibe, Dinkytown is home to the University of Minnesota. There’s a slew of nearby places to eat and drink, but as usual, we bee-lined for Mesa […]

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Brunch Break

Out of all of the places that serve breakfast in the city of St. Paul, there is none so iconic as Mickey’s Diner on West 7th. It was both sad and bizzarre that nobody in our group on Saturday had […]

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Wake Up and Smell the Beer

It was nearly ten o’clock on Saturday morning when I woke up to an excited phone call from Amy. She caught wind of a FREE tour at Summit Brewery in St. Paul that was scheduled to begin at ten thirty. […]

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Vikings Report

By Erik Ritland The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears at the Metrodome last Sunday 21-14. Like most of the games the Vikings have won this year it was a “they were bad, their opponent was worse” sort of affair. […]

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Fusion Food

The last part of our weekend outings landed us in Stillwater, MN. If you’re unfamiliar with Stillwater, it is a city built along the St. Croix River that was a big logging town in the early 19th century. It is […]

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Little Sweden

Stereotypically speaking, the accent associated with us northerners has a Scandinavian quality a-boat it. With that lame pun out of the way, I’d like to tell you about Curious North’s second dose of Minnesota history. We ventured up to Scandia, […]

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Finding the Funny

The first thing that I think of when I think improvisational comedy is the campus improv club that I ignored during my college years. Like a lot of other people living in the Twin Cities, I had no idea that […]

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Saturday Night History Buffs

To be honest, we are nerds. There it is. Out in the open for the world to know. That’s why we were so enthusiastic about a Saturday night at the Minnesota History Center! We were curious (go figure) about the […]

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Finding MN Gems: Part 2

It’s great to have you with us for part two of our MN Gems post! What we discovered after a short appearance at a friend’s birthday party may have actually melted my brain. With every intention of catching a live […]

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