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Stunning in St. Paul: Part 2

Alright, we’re back with some more on the St. Paul Winter Carnival. It wouldn’t have been a Curious North adventure without a local brew and some exciting food to try for the first time. The Summit ice bar was like […]

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Stunning in St. Paul: Part 1

As a St. Paul native, the following is very painful to admit: Yesterday was my very first St. Paul Winter Carnival experience. It was beautiful and glorious, but the best part was the feeling of community that the thousands of […]

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Hometown Helpings

What’s the best place to eat in White Bear Lake, MN? That’s a good question. As people who have done the majority of our growing up years in this part of the Twin Cities, we already know all of the […]

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Growl About Beer

Hop-damn! Welcome to another weekend of Curious North adventures! Today, I found a free brewery tour at the local Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater! It was a great little experience at a great little brewery! The brewery is located just off of […]

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Cookies for Breakfast?

Uptown. This area is one of my personal favorites in the city of Minneapolis. It emulates Minnesota charm with an extra pinch of trendiness. This is where our curious stomachs brought us for breakfast on Saturday morning. The Uptown Diner […]

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Twin Cities Tough Girls

There is never a lonely weekend for Curious North, but this weekend was unusually busy for my partner. I gathered up a new crew for some Gopher Women’s Hockey at Ridder Arena on Friday night. This weekend’s series was the […]

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Iceland MOA: A Photo Series

Photography by Andrew Osland

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Mallman in Double

A review of local songwriter Mark Mallman’s two shows at the 7th St. Entry on New Years Eve 2012. by Erik Ritland   It’d be difficult to name a more underappreciated musician in the Twin Cities music scene than Mark […]

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End of the Line

The Minnesota Vikings improbably successful 2012 season ended on Saturday night with a 24-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. by Erik Ritland To say that Vikings’ fans are used to the agony of defeat is the […]

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Next stop, The Depot

We love winter in Minnesota, but one of the worst problems us ice lovers have is unstable temperatures. In the past, our outdoor ice sheets have melted before we can even get out for our first skate! The Depot in […]

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