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The Beer Dabbler: So Many Beards

What: The Winter Carnival Beer Dabbler When: Saturday January 25, 2014, 3:30-7:30 Where: Mighty Midway at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds Price: Very Important Dabbler: $99, General Admission: $55, Designated Driver: $10 The Winter Carnival Beer Dabbler, the largest outdoor beer festival in Minnesota, […]

Do the Dabbler Flick

This year’s Beer Dabbler can be best described in terms of cheerful glass clinking and obstacles my fellow dabblers and I had to overcome. There was in impressive draw from the local and national breweries this year and we were […]

89.3 The Current’s Birthday Party- Night Two

All photos by Elliot Malcolm The celebration continued at First Avenue for night two of 89.3’s anniversary concert. The diverse musical showcase that graced the stage was comprised of four acts- Cactus Blossoms, Heiruspecs, Howler and Caroline Smith. Each representing […]

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89.3 The Current’s 9th Birthday Party – Night One

Friday night 89.3 The Current and First Avenue collectively shook the Metro out of winter stasis, reminding us precisely what a sold old venue looks like. Celebrating the Big Nine with headliners Har Mar Superstar and Lizzo, it was the […]

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Saint Sabrina’s: My Piercing Experience

I’ve always been intrinsically drawn to body modification. At the age of five, I got my ears pierced. At the age of ten, I got them double pierced. Fourteen marked my first piercings with a hollow needle and now I […]

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Down In The Groove

By Erik Ritland Artist: The Cloak Ox Album: Shoot The Dog Released September 17, 2013 Synopsis Well-constructed, creative rock n’ roll with a classic, groove-oriented sound. For fans of Fog, Why?, Kid Dakota, Wilco, Thin Lizzy, and good music in […]

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Pourhouse Luxury Party Bus Brew-Tour

Recently The Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis played host to a new breed of marketed drinking competitions. The target: locally-HQ’d financial giants; employers such as Wells Fargo, the Federal Reserve and my own Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Wealth Management. Every month […]

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Solar Steps Up to MN’s Energy Needs

Science and politics aren’t typical topics for us at Curious North. Episode 33 of the Curious North Podcast is a temporary break-away from our arts and culture niche. Wait- what?! It’s true! We were curious about the introduction of community […]

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Minnesota Vikings 2013 Review, 2014 Glimpse

By Erik Ritland 2013 was practically a total failure for the Minnesota Vikings, both on and off the field. On the field the quarterback situation was abysmal, the offensive line struggled, the wide-receivers underachieved, tight ends Kyle Rudolph and John […]

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Board President Discusses Wedge Expansion Efforts

Last year The Wedge Community Co-op released its mammoth three-part plan for expansion throughout the Metro. First step in the multi-phasic proposal: a nearby Eat-Street satellite will be new home to the Wedge’s Uptown deli, bakery and other commissary offerings. Next, […]