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50 Hours of Comedy- We’re Not Even Kidding

When was the last time you did 50 hours of anything nonstop?  There’s a good chance that has never happened because it’s a lot to ask from an individual. A team with a mission, on the other hand, can do […]

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Grammar at Palmers

Former podcast guests, Grammar, could have easily brought Palmers to ruins last Friday night. Palmers, being an unimpressive venue with a micro-stage and limited places to stand or sit that allow for a clear view of the performers, could be […]

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A Wealth of Mediocrity: Twins 2014 Preview Part IV

When looking at the Twins’ prospective Opening Day lineup, and the players fighting for bench spots, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the 2014 Twins are dealing with a wealth of mediocrity. It wouldn’t be a big deal if they lost […]

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A Little History: Twins 2014 Preview Part III

  Recent Redux This isn’t news, but the Minnesota Twins might disappoint in 2014. Don’t get me wrong. I’m as much of a homer as the next unrealistic Twins fan. Regardless, you stop touching the hot stove after it’s burned you […]

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Mort’s Deli: Sandwich Sultans

My first visit to Mort’s Delicatessen in Golden Valley was during a rare storm-eye at the celebrated and otherwise hoppin’ deli and bakery. It was nonetheless an auspicious one. This lunch last weekend culminated the end of a weighty move […]

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TRANSMISSION 13th Anniversary at First Avenue

Last Saturday DJ Jake Rudh filled First Avenue, bringing TRANSMISSION back for its 13th Anniversary celebration. Light to dark, 50s to 90s, post-punk to synth-pop; the music is what TRANSMISSION has always been about. Now-classics Blondie, Devo and Talking Heads […]

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Of Minor Moves: Twins 2014 Preview Part II

The Minnesota Twins front office was more active this offseason than they’ve ever been. They were seriously in the running for many top free agents including Matt Garza, Kyle Lohse, Bronson Arroyo, and even Japanese pitching sensation Masahiro Tanaka. In […]

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Transmission At Clubhouse Jäger

Every Wednesday night from 10pm – 2am Clubhouse Jäger, located in Minneapolis’ North Loop, is transformed into one of the area’s most popular dance venues. Transmission, hosted by DJ Jake Rudh, has been running strong and cover-free at Jäger since 2007. Featuring a […]

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My Short Truth of the Twin Cities

There is a certain important piece of my identity that being born in the capitol city has relied on. It’s one of those things like belonging to a club or maybe holding a gang membership. I suppose I really wouldn’t […]

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The Future of Local Fashion

Last fall, we at Curious North dove into the local fashion scene. It really the first look that we had into what makes that culture thrive and the designers that dictate the season’s dominant styles. What I want to share […]

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