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Soundset Interviews Part II: Dem Atlas

Our last bit of Soundset goodness comes from none other than Rhymesayer’s very own Dem Atlas. Now, I’ve known Dem for a little while and he is one of the more complex people you might come across. He’s deep, he’s […]

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Soundset Interviews Part I: K. Raydio

CN: Is this your first experience at Soundset? K: Well it’s kinda crazy cause, for performing it is. Like, years ago I was like, volunteering because I couldn’t afford tickets. So, it’s kinda wild to go from hearing the music […]

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Soundset 2014: The Highlights and Some Local Love

If you found yourself in Shakopee, Minnesota, among the record setting hoard of  Hip-hop hungry fans, covered in dirt and wrapped in an endless cloud of smoke, you know that this year’s Soundset was legendary for fans and local culture […]

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Let’s Go!: Remembering the Hopefuls’ Live Shows

There was nothing about a Hopefuls show that I didn’t like. It helped that their material was strong. Just as importantly, though, they were having fun, jumping around and dancing onstage, smiling, grabbing a cow bell or shaker at exactly […]

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CMJ: A Pre-Album Release Interview

1. Will you please introduce yourself by telling us a little about you and your music? My name is Christopher Michael Jensen. I’m 27-years-old and have been rapping since 2000. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, which as many […]

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The Hopefuls: Blast from the Past

What happens when you combine the leader of a dark indie rock band, a funny pop/soul band, and an acoustic folk duo? Well, in the case of the Hopefuls you somehow got one of Minnesota’s best power pop bands.  The […]

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The 40th Annual Mayday Celebration

Every year, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre hosts the MayDay Festival in Powderhorn Park and Parade down Bloomington Avenue, with a different theme every year.  On Sunday, May 4th, they celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the […]

HAMMS Event: A Minnesota Maker’s Marketplace

We’ve been talking about the Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed Event (HAMMS) on Curious North for a couple of weeks now, but this past Saturday was the big day. I traveled over to my old stomping grounds on the East […]

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