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The Return of Mr. Serious: 5 Things to Love about Mark Mallman’s “Monster Movies”

  Summer days are for finding that perfect song to blast with the windows down. In the words of one of his best songs, when it comes to that sort of thing Mark Mallman is like a newspaper man: he […]

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10 Best Things at City Pages 10k Sounds Festival 2014

This past Saturday, an otherwise un-notable lot in the middle of Downtown Minneapolis was transformed into a miniature festival ground for the return of City Pages‘ 10k Sounds Festival. Having never attended before, I thought that a different event had […]

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Beneath the Surface #7: Uriah Heep and Soap

BtS is a weekly look at lesser-known and unsigned Minnesota bands Uriah Heep are an obscure British ’70s progressive rock band. They had a string of top-40 albums and one big hit (“Easy Livin’”). When I inherited my dad’s record […]

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Hot and Heavy: The Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival

Photos by Mark Brooks unless otherwise noted Last Saturday’s Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival had it all: perfect weather, delicious beer, beautiful people, and a variety of the best roots and hard blues music in the country. The variety (and quality) of […]

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Great River Shakespeare Festival: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

This play was seen at the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona, Minnesota. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead was actually not written by William Shakespeare, but rather by Tom Stoppard. The title characters originally appeared as minor roles in Shakespeare’s, […]

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Beneath the Surface #6: Deep Blues and Crooked Saws

I’m going to step slightly out of the normal BtS formula this week. Instead of highlighting two lesser-known Minnesota bands I’ll be focusing on a genre that’s beneath the surface: deep blues. My appreciation is anchored by local hard blues […]

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Here, Now And Later #6

Here, Now and Later is a weekly blog covering what the contributors to Curious North have been up to and what they’re looking forward to in the week ahead. From Erik The Stars Aligned This past week the Major League Baseball All-Star Game took […]

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Welcome to Night Vale, Minneapolis

(Author’s note: This review does not spoil anything of the content of the live show as per the request of the producers of the show. The content will eventually be released as a premium live recording.) This week I had […]

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Three to See at the Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival

The Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival is fast approaching. On Saturday over 30 diverse bands will be playing five stages across Minneapolis. For the last couple weeks we’ve been highlighting some acts that are performing at the festival. Today […]

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The Parklot and Made Here

On what I’m pretty sure was the hottest day ever, I took an opportunity to go check out The Parklot and Made Here window showcases in downtown Minneapolis. This event, sponsored by Bank of America and Andersen Windows (I assume […]

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