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Artist Spotlight: CMJ and Alex Frecon

The 7th Street Entry is one of the most well know music venues here in Minneapolis. That being said, it’s great to see some of our favorite local, independent Hip-hop artists on that stage. Last Tuesday, CMJ and Alex Frecon […]

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Minneapolis in the Revolution

After the murder of Michael Brown, young black leaders made a presence in the streets of Ferguson that has inspired people from all over the globe to stand up against police brutality. This past weekend over 60,000 people shut down […]

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The Heart and Soul of the Basement Tapes

For Richard, Rick, and Levon This is part two of our series on Bob Dylan and the Band’s recently released Basement Tapes. Read Part I here. This Wheel’s On Fire More than music, more than a time piece, the Basement […]

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Four Reasons to go to That’s Fun!

Last night at Honey in Northeast, the Twin Cities were introduced to a brand new comedy show. That’s Fun! created by Levi Weinhagen and Jen Scott began with a banterous introduction which was immediately followed with a night of music, […]

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Lo and Behold!: Visions of Bob Dylan and the Band’s Basement Tapes

Vision #1: Riding a Little Too High Bob Dylan was bigger than he’d ever been in 1965 and 1966. Sure, fans bitter than he forsook the folk scene and went electric booed him at shows, but they were still well-attended […]

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