UV glowing Nuclear Waste Passion Fruit Donut

UV glowing Nuclear Waste Passion Fruit Donut

Eat Street had a big night last Friday for the second anniversary of Minneapolis’ favorite, not to mention nationally renowned gourmet donut shop. Glam Doll Donuts, with the help of their neighbors at Eat Street Social, crafted Simpsons themed donut and cocktail parings that even the most antsy Minneapolitans happily stood in line for.

The line

When I mention these lines, they were cartoonish in their own way. Especially if you’re familiar with the size of Glam Doll’s space. The wrist band queue started outside of the building and from there it was a guaranteed 15 minutes to get drink and donut tickets. Not that the situation was horrible. The eye candy in the bakery cases kept us all entertained as we guessed which crazy flavor combinations belonged to which confection. Dancing to remixes of the best 90’s R&B tunes was also a great way to pass the time.

All donuts

Ready to dive into the experience, we purchased all 6 donuts to ensure our choice of favorite was well informed. The standouts being the beef and cheese whiz stuffed Krusty Burger and tomato jam filled Tomacco. The Spider Pig, which was a tower of donut holes with bacon, caramel, fudge and whipped cream was also good, but not in a cohesive way. Each bite was overpowered by one of the aforementioned flavors, so out of all of the selections, that one was the most interesting to watch people eat. Those faces, though!

THe Krusty Burger

The Krusty Burger



As far as Eat Street Social’s contribution to the event, their showing was partially in thanks to a partnership with Bittercube. Our entourage only tried two of the libations. The Krusty the Clown was citrusy and interactive. As the  bartender poured the shaker of this mixed drink into an ice sculpture of Krusty the Clown, it was up to the drinker to hold their glass to the spout at the foot of the ice carving and catch their own beverage.

Krusty the Clown

Krusty the Clown Ice Sculpture

The Tomacco beverage was no where near as fun or delicious. I’m kind of sad that I chose that one thinking that it would be as good as it’s complimentary donut. I will take some of the responsibility here for the outcome, though. It’s overpowering booziness would have balanced the sweetness of the donut.

Overall, the sheer amazingness that Glam Doll baked up was all worth how hectic the event became. The theme was solid, the crowd was fun and willing to share their favorites and even a lost ten dollar bill was used to tip the bartenders. How Minnesota nice is that?

Well done, Glam Doll! Happy birthday!