Hey, Erik Ritland here, how's it going?

Hey, Erik Ritland here, how’s it going?

I’m not sure if you know this, but the staff at Curious North are big fans of Minnesota.

One of my favorite things about our fair state is that at any moment there’s bound to be something cool, weird, or strange going on. Sure, that could probably be said of most other states (other than Iowa and Wisconsin), but those who have the pleasure of living here know the special-ness of Minnesota weird.

With that in mind, here are three weird things relevant to our proud homeland in the almighty “right now” moment.

  1. Boys State High School Hockey Tournament

I feel like Minnesota sometimes takes our High School Hockey Tournament for granted. It’s easily the largest in the country and one of the largest high school tournaments period. 15,000+ for quarterfinal games? Sellouts for the semifinals? The championship game being a legitimate event? Only in Minnesota. Sure, the “state of hockey” thing is just a stupid advertising gimmick for the Wild, but they might actually inadvertently be on to something.

  1. Prince is Doing a Weird Tour

Prince recently announced his Hit and Run tour. He’s giving out the city and ticket details shortly in advance of the shows but not revealing the venue until after the tickets are sold. A typically out of the box idea from a creative Minnesota mind. I hope he plays Palmer’s on the West End and my totes amazing boss Haley is able to get me press passes.

  1. It’s Not Fucking Cold Anymore

The title says it all, but consider this my Minnesota friends: it’s not going to be really cold again until, like, December. Has 25 degrees ever felt so good? People may complain or leave town because of it, but having all four seasons is what makes us not a bunch of freaking wimps. Regardless, bring on the nicer temperatures.