From the Flora Cash website.

Flora Cash’s indie folk/pop is built around well-crafted melodies, minimalist arrangements, and the lovely vocals of husband and wife team Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall. They’ve released a couple EPs since 2012 that are each fresh and varied in sounds. I suggest starting with a compilation of their best material, Up ‘Til Now.

Their most recent, last fall’s I Will Be There, is mature and fully realized. Opening “I’ll Be With You” uniquely balances a minor key chord progression with a contrasting bouncy melody. “The Breeze” is fittingly breezy while the ethereal, synth-based soundscapes of “City Love” and “Father’s Sins” are a bit darker and edgier. EP ending “Whoa My,” its most straightforward folk song, is led by subtle percussion, keys, and harmonies.

Unfortunately Lleshaj and Randall spend a good amount of their time in Sweden. Well, unfortunately for us at least, it’s beautiful there so I’m sure they’re really happy. They’re also working on their first full-length LP there which will hopefully be out sometime soon.