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Happy Birthday, Glam Doll: Celebrating with the Simpsons

Eat Street had a big night last Friday for the second anniversary of Minneapolis’ favorite, not to mention nationally renowned gourmet donut shop. Glam Doll Donuts, with the help of their neighbors at Eat Street Social, crafted Simpsons themed donut […]

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Grand Reveal: Samantha Rei’s Black Pearl Lounge

For Samantha Rei‘s first show since 2011, Black Pearl Lounge not only succeeded in it’s portrayal of 1920’s Shanghai in a new era, but it breathed much needed excitement into local vintage and evening wear. Rei undoubtedly played off of her past of Asian […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: First Ave Night Two in Photos

Closing out the entire ten days of musical bliss, Saturday night at First Avenue was as significant for the radio station itself as it was for everyone in the main room that night. Looking back on everything that was offered […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: First Ave Night One in Photos

Just like last year, the Current hosted two nights at First Avenue to celebrate their birthday. In past years, the lineup was kept pretty local, but this year, the mix included nationally recognized names. Take a look at the standout […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: Purple Rain at the Fitz

I’m going to start this off by saying that I had nothing to do with the 80’s. I made my entrance into the world early in 1990, so my whole life, many of the cultural references from the 80’s have […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: BLB’s Best Night Ever

The most amazing thing happened to me on Sunday! I saw my first ever performance at Bryant Lake Bowl. The amazing part wasn’t that I made it to BLB after at least 4 broken promises to myself that I would make […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: Who Is Hamilton Leithauser?

Last Saturday was a big one for performances included in 89.3’s tenth birthday extravaganza. In addition to the Rochester events that we covered in our articles last night, the Turf Club in St. Paul hosted Hamilton Leithauser with Bully as […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: L’Assassins and Suicide Commandos at the Turf Club

Ever since we heard that The Current would be throwing their biggest birthday bash to date, Minnesota has been in an state of musical frenzy and impatience. With ten days of music-centered events that began on January 15th, we’ve been […]

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Artist Spotlight: CMJ and Alex Frecon

The 7th Street Entry is one of the most well know music venues here in Minneapolis. That being said, it’s great to see some of our favorite local, independent Hip-hop artists on that stage. Last Tuesday, CMJ and Alex Frecon […]

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Four Reasons to go to That’s Fun!

Last night at Honey in Northeast, the Twin Cities were introduced to a brand new comedy show. That’s Fun! created by Levi Weinhagen and Jen Scott began with a banterous introduction which was immediately followed with a night of music, […]

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