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Sports and Art, Together at Last

Why hello there my northern brethren and sisteren! It’s been another tight week in these Twin Cities of ours. The Wild win, the Twins…well, don’t, and an art show gets your weekend cooking. Holla. Playoffs? After getting manhandled at home […]

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Minneapolis in the Revolution

After the murder of Michael Brown, young black leaders made a presence in the streets of Ferguson that has inspired people from all over the globe to stand up against police brutality. This past weekend over 60,000 people shut down […]

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The Local Experiment Hosts 1 Year Anniversary Party

As overlooked as it may be, Rochester, Minnesota is another city filled with rich creative activity and fascinating entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s a shame that Curious North hasn’t made it down there to investigate, but this Saturday at The Salon, we’re going […]

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Meet the Host of RAW Minneapolis Axis: Anahita Ahrar

CN: Tell us a little bit about your aspirations in the entertainment industry. AA: As an advocate and supporter of entertainers, I am passionate to see my fellow creative artists succeed. Really though, I just love seeing creative minds & designers bring […]

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RAW Minneapolis: A Selection of Outstanding Artists

The Pourhouse was alive with true artistic spirit for a dynamic showcase of our local artist community. RAW Minneapolis Allure fused fashion, music, makeup, hair and art of all varieties to deliver an evening of diverse talents that showed the […]

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Of Letting Go

This year the Minnesota State Fair is trying a new advertising tactic: targeting the ever-growing crowd of hip craft beer drinkers and local music lovers. I just saw a bus with this ad scrawled across the side: “Local bands. Local […]

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The Parklot and Made Here

On what I’m pretty sure was the hottest day ever, I took an opportunity to go check out The Parklot and Made Here window showcases in downtown Minneapolis. This event, sponsored by Bank of America and Andersen Windows (I assume […]

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Stone Arch Warriors: Art, Beer, and Conversation

When Minnesotans want to have fun, pretty much nothing can stop them. I learned this when I practically froze my toes off last winter at the Beer Dabbler. Was it below zero? Yes. Was it windy and uncomfortable? Yes. Did […]

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The 40th Annual Mayday Celebration

Every year, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre hosts the MayDay Festival in Powderhorn Park and Parade down Bloomington Avenue, with a different theme every year.  On Sunday, May 4th, they celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the […]

HAMMS Event: A Minnesota Maker’s Marketplace

We’ve been talking about the Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed Event (HAMMS) on Curious North for a couple of weeks now, but this past Saturday was the big day. I traveled over to my old stomping grounds on the East […]

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