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Minneapolis in the Revolution

After the murder of Michael Brown, young black leaders made a presence in the streets of Ferguson that has inspired people from all over the globe to stand up against police brutality. This past weekend over 60,000 people shut down […]

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Minneapolis Responds to Ferguson

To take action after tragedy is difficult, emotional and necessary. Yesterday’s rallies, as a response to the events in Ferguson, Missouri brought together thousands of our community members to show support and provide a hopeful push for positive change in our […]

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Marijauna: A Responsible Use Rally

Pot, weed, reefer. You see these words and already have an opinion, right? So what are your thoughts on how it should be used locally? This Wednesday at the Capitol, Minnesota is invited to participate in a rally advocated for […]

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Unity Through Soul

The honest music lovers of the Twin Cities are no longer in denial over how fragmented parts of our vast music scene have become. It’s a step in the right direction. One that makes now a critical time. I say […]

New Century Sessions Brighten City Center Stage

Saturday, March 28th Dessa kicked off Sessions, the second annual concert series held in downtown Minneapolis’ New Century Theatre. An otherwise muted City Center houses the venue whose 270 seats sold out instantly for their flagship performance. New Century Sessions […]

The Future of Local Fashion

Last fall, we at Curious North dove into the local fashion scene. It really the first look that we had into what makes that culture thrive and the designers that dictate the season’s dominant styles. What I want to share […]

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The Local Experiment

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones that want to showcase their local explorations on the Internet. There’s another team of four dedicated documentarians from Rochester that were kind enough to give us some of their time while […]

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Jim Hodges & Sisyphus Bring V-Day Debuts To Walker

Valentine’s Day ran hot on the heels of  my recent romantic adventure to Cafe Maude. This past Friday we continued the celebration of our emotional entanglement with nationally-renowned artist Jim Hodges for his Midwest debut of Give More Than You […]

Solar Steps Up to MN’s Energy Needs

Science and politics aren’t typical topics for us at Curious North. Episode 33 of the Curious North Podcast is a temporary break-away from our arts and culture niche. Wait- what?! It’s true! We were curious about the introduction of community […]

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Board President Discusses Wedge Expansion Efforts

Last year The Wedge Community Co-op released its mammoth three-part plan for expansion throughout the Metro. First step in the multi-phasic proposal: a nearby Eat-Street satellite will be new home to the Wedge’s Uptown deli, bakery and other commissary offerings. Next, […]