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Grand Reveal: Samantha Rei’s Black Pearl Lounge

For Samantha Rei‘s first show since 2011, Black Pearl Lounge not only succeeded in it’s portrayal of 1920’s Shanghai in a new era, but it breathed much needed excitement into local vintage and evening wear. Rei undoubtedly played off of her past of Asian […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: Purple Rain at the Fitz

I’m going to start this off by saying that I had nothing to do with the 80’s. I made my entrance into the world early in 1990, so my whole life, many of the cultural references from the 80’s have […]

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The Local Experiment Hosts 1 Year Anniversary Party

As overlooked as it may be, Rochester, Minnesota is another city filled with rich creative activity and fascinating entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s a shame that Curious North hasn’t made it down there to investigate, but this Saturday at The Salon, we’re going […]

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Rumble on the Runway and the First Annual Minnesota Fashion Awards

Saturday, Oct 4 marked the first ever Rumble on the Runway and Minnesota Fashion Awards. Held at the Depot and complete with red carpet, this event celebrated the achievements of our talented local fashion industry with a runway competition comprised […]

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SGMS 2014: An Interview With Novala Takemoto

It’s not everyday that we at Curious North get to conduct interviews that connect cultures from across the globe. Sitting down with Novala was a great experience that helped educate me on how Lolita fashion is perceived in the U.S. and […]

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SGMS 2014: Full Fashion Panic!

Having finished it’s 11th year, Full Fashion Panic! delivered another spectacular exhibition of the Twin Cities’ up-and-coming fashion creatives. As the runway portion of the SGMS academic conference held at MCAD last weekend, Full Fashion Panic also hosted internationally esteemed […]

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Johnson Street Merchants

People around the Cities have a lot of nice things to say about the Northeast neighborhoods. As a St. Paulian gone Nordeaster, it took me a minute to adjust to life in Minneapolis. But once I came around, I was […]

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RAW Minneapolis: A Selection of Outstanding Artists

The Pourhouse was alive with true artistic spirit for a dynamic showcase of our local artist community. RAW Minneapolis Allure fused fashion, music, makeup, hair and art of all varieties to deliver an evening of diverse talents that showed the […]

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Revving up to Rumble: Minnesota Fashion Awards Finalists

Maybe you’ve already heard, but we’re stepping up our fashion game here in Minnesota. On October 4th, Rumble on the Runway and Minnesota Fashion Awards will be held at the Depot in Minneapolis for the first time ever. Previous Fall Fashion […]

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Undressing the Talent: Friday’s Top Drawer Burlesque Expo

The art of the tease made it’s way over to the East Side of St. Paul for the 2nd year of the Top Drawer Burlesque Expo. Four shows were held at the Historic Mounds Theatre last Friday and Saturday. Combining dancers, musicians and other […]

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