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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: Purple Rain at the Fitz

I’m going to start this off by saying that I had nothing to do with the 80’s. I made my entrance into the world early in 1990, so my whole life, many of the cultural references from the 80’s have […]

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The Walker Finds the Missing Picture: Part II

I sat down to watch the Oscar-nominated The Missing Picture expecting to see a traditional documentary.  What I experienced was much more personal and captivating.  As the films credits began to role, the nearly sold out audience was silent and […]

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The Walker Finds The Missing Picture: Part I

A documentary about the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia that illustrates the transformation of the way of life for the people who lived through it would be interesting. A documentary written and directed by a man who survived the experience, […]

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British Arrows Awards Hit Home

The UK holds pervasive influence over popular American culture, imparting their dry-pan wit and introspective ways through television and movies. It’s no surprise a screening of the British Arrows Awards, an annual ceremony honoring the pinnacle in television advertising, has […]

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Crowdfunding Minnesota

By Haley Anderson We make up a land of dreamers and doers. We’re the creators of beautiful artworks and innovations. We have influenced the creative landscapes and minds of the world. As lovely as it would be to make our […]