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89.3 the Current’s 10th Birthday: The Local Experiment Presents the Rochester Experience With José James

The buzz had materialized over the airways that 89.3 The Current was going to be celebrating a 10 year anniversary with a grandiose slew of music events happening within the Twin Cities area. But when The Local Experiment heard that […]

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89.3 The Current’s 10th Birthday: Chelsee Jean of The Local Experiment Interviews Jose James

As I sat down with Jose James I must admit my history on him was short.  My body was still vibrating from his last piece performed, “Strange Fruit.”  I almost felt like I wasn’t the one meant for this interview.  […]

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Minneapolis in the Revolution

After the murder of Michael Brown, young black leaders made a presence in the streets of Ferguson that has inspired people from all over the globe to stand up against police brutality. This past weekend over 60,000 people shut down […]

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Minneapolis Responds to Ferguson

To take action after tragedy is difficult, emotional and necessary. Yesterday’s rallies, as a response to the events in Ferguson, Missouri brought together thousands of our community members to show support and provide a hopeful push for positive change in our […]

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Mass Nerve Management Showcase: A Photo Recap

Last Thursday, the Mass Nerve Management Artist Showcase happened at First Avenue/ 7th Street Entry. Here you can see what each set in the showcase offered visually. MAKr Fort Wilson Riot Tired Tongues Fort Wilson Riot Tired Tongues  Aaron & […]

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Wine Fest!

The day started out simple enough, a cool breeze in the air, trees stuck in the confused state between green and red, and me… ready for wine! Mallards is a sleek, upscale/casual restaurant just off of highway 95 and right on […]

The Parklot and Made Here

On what I’m pretty sure was the hottest day ever, I took an opportunity to go check out The Parklot and Made Here window showcases in downtown Minneapolis. This event, sponsored by Bank of America and Andersen Windows (I assume […]

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The 40th Annual Mayday Celebration

Every year, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre hosts the MayDay Festival in Powderhorn Park and Parade down Bloomington Avenue, with a different theme every year.  On Sunday, May 4th, they celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the […]

The Walker Finds the Missing Picture: Part II

I sat down to watch the Oscar-nominated The Missing Picture expecting to see a traditional documentary.  What I experienced was much more personal and captivating.  As the films credits began to role, the nearly sold out audience was silent and […]

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The Walker Finds The Missing Picture: Part I

A documentary about the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia that illustrates the transformation of the way of life for the people who lived through it would be interesting. A documentary written and directed by a man who survived the experience, […]

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