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Embracing the Grey of Spring on Warner Road

  One of my favorite drives in the Twin Cities is down Warner/Shepherd Road. It runs through Saint Paul, along the big river from Highway 61 to Mississippi River Boulevard. Its beautiful rocky bluffs are lined with trees, shrubs, and […]

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Mort’s Deli: Sandwich Sultans

My first visit to Mort’s Delicatessen in Golden Valley was during a rare storm-eye at the celebrated and otherwise hoppin’ deli and bakery. It was nonetheless an auspicious one. This lunch last weekend culminated the end of a weighty move […]

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TRANSMISSION 13th Anniversary at First Avenue

Last Saturday DJ Jake Rudh filled First Avenue, bringing TRANSMISSION back for its 13th Anniversary celebration. Light to dark, 50s to 90s, post-punk to synth-pop; the music is what TRANSMISSION has always been about. Now-classics Blondie, Devo and Talking Heads […]

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Upcoming Events – Fusion Of Beer & Music

Folks, when United States President Barack Obama calls our state out for an unchecked love affair with beer, it may be a time to reflect. If that weren’t enough our cold, hazardous edge of the country clenches its music scene […]

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Minnesota Vikings 2013 Review, 2014 Glimpse

By Erik Ritland 2013 was practically a total failure for the Minnesota Vikings, both on and off the field. On the field the quarterback situation was abysmal, the offensive line struggled, the wide-receivers underachieved, tight ends Kyle Rudolph and John […]

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Board President Discusses Wedge Expansion Efforts

Last year The Wedge Community Co-op released its mammoth three-part plan for expansion throughout the Metro. First step in the multi-phasic proposal: a nearby Eat-Street satellite will be new home to the Wedge’s Uptown deli, bakery and other commissary offerings. Next, […]

St. Paul’s Antique Alley

By Haley Anderson I don’t exactly know what it is that sparked the trend in all things vintage. It’s really not that important. What is important, is knowing where to find the item that is going to complete your look […]

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MN Arts Destination: Winona

Some of you may already know that I graduated from Winona State University. While I didn’t attend all four years there, the three that I spent were dedicated mainly to communications courses and social drinking. Regretfully, I didn’t explore the […]

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Little Sweden

Stereotypically speaking, the accent associated with us northerners has a Scandinavian quality a-boat it. With that lame pun out of the way, I’d like to tell you about Curious North’s second dose of Minnesota history. We ventured up to Scandia, […]

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Saturday Night History Buffs

To be honest, we are nerds. There it is. Out in the open for the world to know. That’s why we were so enthusiastic about a Saturday night at the Minnesota History Center! We were curious (go figure) about the […]

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