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Of Letting Go

This year the Minnesota State Fair is trying a new advertising tactic: targeting the ever-growing crowd of hip craft beer drinkers and local music lovers. I just saw a bus with this ad scrawled across the side: “Local bands. Local […]

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My Short Truth of the Twin Cities

There is a certain important piece of my identity that being born in the capitol city has relied on. It’s one of those things like belonging to a club or maybe holding a gang membership. I suppose I really wouldn’t […]

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Digital Inclusion for Minneapolis

By Haley Anderson As you read this blog post, you’re connected to the Internet. You’ve probably checked Facebook, Twitter and email by now. It’s second nature. Afterall, this is how life as we know it has come to be. But […]

Crowdfunding Minnesota

By Haley Anderson We make up a land of dreamers and doers. We’re the creators of beautiful artworks and innovations. We have influenced the creative landscapes and minds of the world. As lovely as it would be to make our […]

Back to the East Side

I want to warn you right off the bat that this post isn’t going to be what you’re used to from Curious North. You see, I took my dog for a walk yesterday through the first neighborhood that I lived […]

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Spreading the Wisdom

As this weekend is comes to a close, I want to share a little bit of relevant wisdom from my podcasting experience today. I’d also love to shout out some thank-yous to everyone who has been making the Curious North […]

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Today was a beautiful day in Minneapolis! Amy and I packed it full with an interview at the Tea Garden in Uptown, our first PRIDE Festival and a refreshing stop at the Lowry. Since we did so many things today […]

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Upstairs in Uptown

Today was fun. I did something meaningful and the Beastie Boys played back to back with Trampled by Turtles on the drive home. Aside from those simple pleasures, I had the chance to see a Minneapolis nature favorite and I […]

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Do What You Love

Hello, readers! I know we haven’t really adopted the custom of the midweek post, but I thought that since we’ve been adjusting to new situations lately, it’s high time to talk about something important. I’ve finally found out what it’s […]

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