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Embracing the Grey of Spring on Warner Road

  One of my favorite drives in the Twin Cities is down Warner/Shepherd Road. It runs through Saint Paul, along the big river from Highway 61 to Mississippi River Boulevard. Its beautiful rocky bluffs are lined with trees, shrubs, and […]

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Wise Acre Eatery: Two Perspectives

By Haley Anderson and Jed Johnson Last week we hit up The Nook. This week we’re taking it a different direction with Wise Acre Eatery. Ambiance and Initial Impressions Jed: I’m noticing a discouraging trend in local businesses failing to give […]

Kicking it at Como

Saturday’s adventure was hot. Like 80 degrees hot. Now, I know what you may be thinking. “Where in the h*** can you get 80 degrees in the middle of a Minnesota winter!?” Well explorers, you can get that heat at […]

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