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Sports and Art, Together at Last

Why hello there my northern brethren and sisteren! It’s been another tight week in these Twin Cities of ours. The Wild win, the Twins…well, don’t, and an art show gets your weekend cooking. Holla. Playoffs? After getting manhandled at home […]

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Three Big Knockers

Hello all, the Ritland Rambler here once again. This week I’ll be taking a look at three local stories from the week behind us. What about, you might ask? Well, food, sports, and more sports. Dig. East Side! This month […]

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Another Tight Weekend in Minnesota

Welcome to your weekend, Minnesota. Here are three things to put on your radar. Catch some hockey Hot on the heels of a record-setting weekend of High School hockey comes some of the best college games in country. And right […]

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Three Cool, Random Minnesota Things

I’m not sure if you know this, but the staff at Curious North are big fans of Minnesota. One of my favorite things about our fair state is that at any moment there’s bound to be something cool, weird, or […]

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Return of the Big Ticket

Yesterday morning when I saw a Facebook post with a rumor about Kevin Garnett returning to the Timberwolves I sort of chuckled. “That would figure, wouldn’t it?” Needless to say I wasn’t surprised to learn later on in the day […]

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2014 Vikings Update: Moral Victories?

Many considered last Sundays Vikings loss to the Green Bay Packers a moral victory. The Pack had destroyed their previous two opponents, the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles, scoring 50+ points in each game. Considering that they handled the Vikings […]

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Necessity or Diversion?: The Firing of Ron Gardenhire

Yesterday was a sad day if you’re a Minnesota Twins fan. Regardless of your feelings about whether he should have been fired or not, Ron Gardenhire has been a staple of our favorite team for what seems like forever. Through […]

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I Guess We’ll See: The 2014 Minnesota Vikings

Last year plugged-in Vikings analyst and play-by-play announcer Paul Allen (who I love) predicted that the Vikings would be good. Really good. So good, in fact, that they’d at least nearly make the Super Bowl. In case you don’t follow […]

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The 25th Annual Polo Classic: A Fun and Fancy Afternoon

The prestige of being the most fun Sunday of the Summer in Minnesota carries a considerable amount weight. Especially when competing along-side some of the Midwest’s best music festivals, art expos and natural beauty. Those bragging rights need to be earned. The 25th Anniversary […]

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Here, Now And Later #6

Here, Now and Later is a weekly blog covering what the contributors to Curious North have been up to and what they’re looking forward to in the week ahead. From Erik The Stars Aligned This past week the Major League Baseball All-Star Game took […]

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